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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (MLD)

This type of gentle, feather-like touch therapy can be done anywhere on the body with the main purpose of draining excess or stagnant fluid in the Lymphatic System.

Boise, Idaho

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy,
by A New You Massage

Is MLD Right for me?

  • If you are preparing or recovering from a medical operation, trauma, or injury. 

  • Experiencing general puffiness/inflammation, feelings of “heaviness or being weighed down”.

  • Experiencing stress, fatigue, the natural aging process, or inactivity.

MLD Booking Anchor

Benefits from MLD Therapy Include...
but are NOT Limited to: 

  • Reducing swelling (edema), puffiness, stiffness, water weight, chronic pain & fatigue, and bloating.

  • Promoting healing through stimulating the Immune and Circulatory System, cell regeneration, detoxification, and tones the skin.

ANYM has helped Clients with...

  • Knee Surgeries 

  • Breast Reductions & Augmentations 

  • Liposuction (Will optimize your results) 

  • Head/Neck swelling

  • Fibromyalgia & Edema Symptoms 

  • General chronic pain & fatigue


How does MLD Therapy Work?

With the gentle rhythmic touch of your LMT, they are able to clear through blocked, stagnant, toxic, and general fluid build-ups that reside in the Lymphatic System causing a multitude of conditions that can occur at any point and to anyone.


What is the Lymphatic System?

The Lymphatic System helps to filter metabolic waste, and toxins, and purify the blood supply. For example, it is common for lymph nodes to swell when coming down and experiencing a Cold or Flu, this system helps to fight back by breaking down and repairing damaged and infectious cells, and filtering to create “Lymphocytes” - white blood cells to heal.


How does it create the 'Relaxation' Feeling?

The feeling of relaxation comes from the increase of the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) response, known as the “‘rest and digest’”, and the decrease in Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) creates a bodily response of - “fight or flight” stressors. The purpose of PNS is to help regulate bodily functions such as digestion, urination, and movement of bodily fluids by conserving energy. When MLD targets these systems the movement of bodily fluids encourages positive health benefits and lessens harmful SNS responses.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Services A New You Massage Offers

Single Session   $100

MLD 60 Minute

Up to Two Areas of focus

Ex. Face/Head or Head Abdomen

Single Session $125  

MLD 90 Minute

Up to 3 Areas of focus

Ex. Face/Head or Back/Abdomen

Single Session   $170

MLD 120 Minute

Up to 4 Areas of focus

Ex. Head/Back/Abdomen + Arms or Legs

Package Deal

5 - Session PRE-Operation

60 Minute Option - $425

     ($85/session... $15 Savings per)

90 Minute Option - $540

     ($108/session... $17 Savings per)

120 Minute Option - $735 

   ($147/session... $23 Savings per)

*One session per day NO LATER than ONE week prior to surgery, this can result in dehydration.

Package Deal

4 - Session POST-Operation

60 Minute Option - $340

     ($85/session... $15 Savings per)

90 Minute Option - $425

     ($106.25/session... $18.75 Savings per)

120 Minute Option - $580 

   ($145/session... $25 Savings per)

*One (plus) week session(s) after surgery dependant on Therapists advice and Doctors Clearance

Upgrade - Add On

MLD 15 Minute Head/Neck

Want to try it out? Looking to add on a 15 Minute Upgrade to any of your Massage Services with us?

Add-On to your massage an additional 15 Minutes of Head and Neck MLD focus. 

Members: $25

Non-Members: $35

How to Prepare for Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?


Begin Hydrating With Water Atleast 48 Hours Prior & After Session.

Eat Lightly

Eat A  Light-Nutritious   Snack  1  - 2 Hours Prior & After Session

Get Doctors "Approval"

Have Your Doctors Approval & Clearance 

(If Required)

Use Restroom

Use The Restroom  Immediately  Prior & After Session



 Aside from general benefits, when done prior to surgery/operation MLD aids in preparing the surrounding tissues for surgery and jump-starts your body into an increased healing process boosting the Immune System. 

For preparation, having multiple sessions no less than one week before surgery is recommended. We cannot accept MLD sessions if it is within at least 1 week prior to the surgery date since the flushing of toxins and liquids in the body leaves, leading to dehydration, and can conflict between surgical preparations from Doctors' recommendations and surgery acceptance.



With the physician's approval, we can accept you for Post-Op MLD sessions. By relieving this therapy after a traumatic event it aids in preventing infection to the areas affected, boosts the body's Immune and Circulatory System, improves scar healing, and decreases swelling.

We recommend that once cleared, to receive MLD consecutively for at least 4 sessions in a row within a week up to 1.5 weeks and then follow-up sessions as need be, per the Therapists recommendation.


All of our sessions are customizable to tailor to your specific needs. This means that once you and your LMT go into session for in-take, your LMT will work with you diligently and closely on your customizable in-session plan and goals. Once a plan is met your LMT will leave the room for you to dress down to your comfort and then glide into our heavily bed-like tables. Once you are ready your therapist will knock, enter the room and the hands-on session will begin



What Can You Expect After A Manual Lymphatic Drainage Session?

  • Immediate results are feelings of “light”, and relaxation, can feel tired due to detoxification. 

  • Detoxification can lead to dehydration so it is critical to be fully hydrating at least 48 hours prior to and after your appointment. If appointments are made within the same week you need to stay as hydrated as possible. 

  • Within 1-2 days you can expect your body to be in an increased state of Lymphatic flow which can provide feelings of relief, betterment, and symptom improvement. 

  • Benefits can extend out weeks if properly taken care of. We do recommend if you experience a surgery or traumatic event, be in weekly to keep the flow open to receiving as many healing benefits as possible for minimal recovery time.  Once healed your Therapist may suggest individual follow-up routine maintenance sessions along with discovering or returning to general Therapeutic Massages. 


* A You Massage LMT & CMLDT Therapists cannot diagnose, nor provide services to those if Doctor's clearance hasn't been consented and cleared. If a Surgical Operation, Major Injury, or Trauma was done unto the body, a Physician's written consent of MLD Therapy if (but not limited to) within 2 weeks of event.*

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