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Policies + Terms & Conditions

At the time of reserving and recieving your appointment with A New You Massage you agree the following:

     At A New You Massage, we require an active debit or credit card on file to hold any appointments. You are required to give a 48-hour notice BEFORE your appointment to cancel or reschedule, failure to cancel or reschedule outside of the 48 hours will result in a “Late-Cancellation fee”, at most 50% of value of the scheduled appointment. Failure to show for your scheduled appointment will result in the “No-Show” policy and require 100% of the appointment value charged in full. If you are more than 15 minutes or more, late to your appointment, we may have to cancel your appointment and may be charged the “Late-Cancelation Fee”. If you arrive late, your session may be shortened to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Payment in FULL is expected for your scheduled appointment. Payment methods include: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, or A New You Massage Gift Certificates (Certificates only redeemable on A New You Massage Services; cannot be exchanged for cash value). If the appointment cannot be paid for at the end of the session, an additional fee may be added to the appointment's total value if not paid. Multiple “No-Shows” and “Late-Cancelations” will result in: PREPAYING for your appointment and future appointments. If ill behavior continues, A New You Massage does have the right to refuse our business services towards you. ANY sort of lawful misconduct on our premises will result in being charged 100% in full per booked appointment value, banned from our premises, the ability to create appointments, and a report made with Idaho State Police or equivalent stature.

     It is the responsibility of the client to keep A New You Massage informed of any historical medical conditions that may affect the service booked, received, and after-care. Any current medical conditions or any changes in health (including hospitalizations, major surgeries, currently under doctors supervision) may be required to fill out additional liability forms, and (if under care) a written permission form from a physician to the clinic before each session. 

     The client understands they must come to the appointment clean, healthy, and for the comfort of the therapists and other clients who may have allergies. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, fragranced products, or performing habits that include tobacco smoke before the session. Sickness–both the therapist, clinic staff, clients in and yourself are vulnerable to infections. Therefore, clients and the therapist are asked to reschedule appointment(s) when feeling unwell and are a health risk. Clients are still subjected to the “Late-Cancellation Fee” if A New You Massage finds it applicable.

     If any pain or discomfort is experienced during the session, the client will immediately communicate with the therapist so the treatment can be adjusted. Soreness can be expected up to 3 days after the massage session. If pain or discomfort persists after 4 days, please contact the clinic for further assistance. Please note that the Idaho Licensed Massage Therapists at A New You Massage are not medical doctors and CANNOT diagnose or treat any illness that your doctor diagnosed you with. 

     Sexual advances, actions, gestures, or harm will NOT be tolerated, and the session will be terminated immediately. Payment will still be required in full. If an assault is made onto any therapists or staff members of A New You Massage, a report to the police and further legal action can be made by the person(s) done unto.

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